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Anna Yarigo
profesional dancer and teacher

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Argentine Tango in Vigo, Spain

Become Argentine Tango or Milonga Professional on my lessons

Fresh and young TANGO in teaching, dancing with 100% of improvisation

The tango lesson is more like a Mozart comic opera, fun but hard work.

The way of teaching differs with easiness and accessibility for different levels of dancers and clear structure

Special personalized method of teaching, based on the natural body movement

About Anna Yarigo

Born to dance

She has been teaching tango all over the world for the last 13 years. Her group lesson are both serious and hilarious. She is charming and precise.
In the class she focuses on students needs how to make there Tango easier and more interesting. She has a good eye on details and can «fix» you just in a second. He dancing is very powerful and dynamic, full of feelings and emotions with a high level of technique and unique interpretation of the music.

anna yarigo

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Tango Holiday in Spain/Girona, Play D'Aro
Hotel Costa Brava

September, 25 - October, 9 2023

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