Oscar Beltran & Victoria Laverde

Wonderful, powerful and full of fun couple! You will love them from the very first second!

Oscar & Vicky are professional dancers of Tango Argentino since more than 20 years. Both are born in Columbia and finished their education in Buenos Aires/Argentina with well known old masters. They participated in famous festivals and Tango-shows in Europe and Latin America as dancers and teachers. Since 6 years they live in Nuremberg, using this as a base for European activities while teaching in “Tango Loft Margarita” regularly. Through participation in the organization of festivals and concerts they use their influence to spread Tango culture throughout the world.

You will enjoy an incredible tango week with them. They are amassing in dancing and highly professional in teaching. You will have two classes with Oscar and Vicky per day and if you would like to have a private class, you should book it in advance.

30 September – 07 October 2024 

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